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MIL Airframe Heat Exchangers-Graphic 6  
MIL Airframe Heat Exchangers
HT Offerings:

  • High Pressure Natural Convection Offerings
  • Multi-Circuit Offerings
  • Bundled Offerings/Sub-Sytems
    • Fans/Ducts
    • Ejectors
    • Bypass Valves
  • ECS Pre-Coolers

MIL Airframe Heat Exchangers:

  • Lockheed F-16 Combined Fuel-Oil Cooler
  • Lockheed F-22 Fuel-Oil and Air-Oil Coolers
  • Lockheed F-35 Fuel-Air and Fuel-Oil Coolers
  • Boeing F-18 E/F Fuel-Oil and Fuel-Air Coolers
  • NGC E-2D OBOGS, Heat Sink & Radar Coolers
  • NGC JSTARS, ECS Precooler
  • L3 RC-135 Air/Oil Coolers
  • Airbus A330MRTT Hydraulic Oil Cooler
  • Embraer KC-390 Fuel Inerting Cooler
  • Saab Gripen-C Oil Coolers and E/F Fuel/Oil Cooler Assembly
MIL Airframe Heat Exchangers-Graphic 7 

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